Ark Wireless Internet Service

Welcome to the Ark WISP website. We have been running wireless internet services on a trial for over a year now and once our new offices are complete, we will be constructing two 21m wireless masts to distribute more services on the North and South side of Spalding. We are already putting in planning permission for the third mast position near Long Sutton.

The service is designed for those areas of South Holland with very poor internet connection. We expect to be able to beam a signal around 12 kilometres from the mast and are looking to increase our mast coverage, all running from high speed internet feeds to each mast.

Pricing is expected to be:

10mb server £35 per month + vat.
50mb service £60 per month + vat.
100mb service £100 per month + vat.
200mb service £200 per month + vat.

The maximum service we will be able to offer is around 800mb shared service depending on distance from the masts and line of site. The contract will be a minimum of 18 months due to the costs involved with the setup.

There is likely to be a one off cost of around £180 + vat to cover the time to install the equipment. A site visit is often required prior to install to ascertain if additional equipment is required as some sites will need additional facilities, or a different mounting solution to allow the service to work.

If you are interested in using our service please complete our enquiry form from the here:

This service is a shared service is dependant on others utilising the service, but ark are committed to update the connectivity as needed to allow higher capability when the need is required.

Alongside this service we can also offer many other services including Voice Over IP (VOIP) phones to replace your analogue lines. Prices start at £6 + vat per month.

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